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Eden Food - Organic Spring Happiness Menu (200g)

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Eden Food - Organic Spring Happiness Menu (200g)

This organic menu combines tender meat from “brother cocks”, beetroot and sweet potatoes with healthy linseed oil, rosehip and egg shell powder into a nutritious meal, which is even suitable as a diet feed for allergic dogs.

Good food can only come from good ingredients. This applies equally to humans and animals. Therefore, for the "Spring Happiness" spring menu of Eden Food, only organic ingredients are used.

Among them meat from so-called “brother cocks”, the male siblings of laying hens, who are usually killed directly as chicks as they cannot lay eggs and are considered uneconomical to raise. More and more projects take care of these chicks’ rearing, financing them by selling their sisters' eggs a slightly higher price. About five percent of the 40 million male chicks of laying hens get the chance to live more than a few days.

Nutritional analysis
Crude protein 13.5%, crude fat 5.8%, crude fiber < 0.5%, crude ash 1.1%, humidity 77%, calcium 0.18%, phosphorus 0.14%
100g: 107 kcal

Organic brother cock muscle meat, organic chicken heart, organic chicken liver, all in all 57% meat, of which organic chicken liver 2.5%, 33.5% organic sweet potatoes, 5.5% organic beetroot, organic fair-trade coconut oil, organic linseed oil, organic rose hip powder, red seaweed, cod liver oil, brewer's yeast, spirulina, organic egg shell powder, green sea weed.

GMO free

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