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Eden Food - Seaweed Flour (120g)

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For a shiny appearance!

Eden Food’s seaweed flour (ascophyllum nodosum) comes from the nature reserves of the North Atlantic and is a high quality product. The special thing about the seaweed is its naturally high iodine content. Our seaweed flour is offered as a dietary supplement to cover the animal's iodine needs in a natural way. In addition, seaweed flour contains important minerals, trace elements and amino acids.

The sourcing of Eden Food’s supplements takes place with consideration for fair trade and respect for resources as well as environmental and animal welfare.

Before administering seaweed flour, it is recommended to consult with your veterinary practitioner.

Recommended feeding Dog: 2kg dog 0.1g daily / 5kg Dog: 0.2g daily / 10kg Dog: 0.3g daily / 15kg dog: 0.4g daily / 20kg dog: 0.6g daily / 30kg dog: 0.8g daily.

Eden Food’s ready-made complete food does not require additives.

Nutritional analysis
100 g seaweed flour contains: iodine 88.3 mg, zinc 0.0125g

Seaweed flour (ascophyllum nodosum)

Bio-control number: DE-ÖKO-037

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