Cane Mundi LLC (Zurich Commerce Registry Nr. CHE-191.102.818)  is an international developing canine centric online business based in the canton of Zürich, Switzerland.

We maintain a simple belief that it is better to offer a high quality product, fit for purpose, at a fair price, than offer sub-standard product ranges to sell cheaply. We pride ourselves on providing high standards of customer care and ensuring personal attention. This is reflected by our loyal and growing customer base, who continue to agree with us.


Everything you will find on the Cane Mundi website has been carefully selected, in order that we are able to confidently stand by the products that we feature on our site. We believe that our products are superior and include some of the best products available for you and your dog. We make every effort to deliver everything as quickly as possible. We do not hide behind our email addresses and are happy to connect with our customers either face to face or on the telephone. Likewise, if you need to speak to us about your order, or if you have a query about any of our products, we are always happy to help and ready to listen. We look forward to speaking with you! Use our contact page, drop us a message with your phone number and we will call you right back!

We speak English, French, German & Italian!

Cane Mundi is a registered trading name.