Oonalfie - First Aid Kit For Dogs

SFr. 42

Knowing how to deal with a dog first aid emergency is not something that many of us think about. However, we know our dogs can be a little accident-prone, which is why Oonalfie created this First Aid Kit for dog owners.

This stylish stainless steel and bamboo tin has been developed using expert veterinary advice and contains handy essentials for emergency first aid for dogs. Ideal for the home or the car, this unique first aid kit includes items you might need for a minor emergency until you can take your dog to the vet. The ultimate gift for the dog owner who has everything or a doggie essential you won't want to be without.

Contents include:
Non-latex gloves, Gauze, Saline pods 20ml, Colloidal Silver Spray(*), sterile non-adhesive dressings, open weave bandage, micropore tape, tweezers, scissors, tick removers, foil blanket, thermometer, optilube.

(*) Colloidal Silver Spray - has been used in veterinary medicine for many years and comes highly recommended as a natural alternative to antiseptic. It is a multi-tasking product, which naturally cleans, soothes, calms and protects.  

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