Due Punto Otto

2.8 Duepuntootto - Steve - Casentino Travel Mat

SFr. 175
  • Open mat size : MINI 70X45 cm, NORMAL 70X95 cm
  • Folded mat size : MINI 32x42 cm, NORMAL 32x48 cm
  • Internal lining in soft bouclé wool
  • Real leather handles

Designed for travelling, Steve is a practical foldable travel mat that doubles as a portable dog bed.

Available in 2 sizes, the inner side is lined with soft bouclé wool, while the outer surface is made of Casentino wool, a legendary fabric dating back to Tuscan Renaissance. Manufactured in the hills above Arezzo, this water-resistant textile reflects its homeland’s vibrant and warm colours.

Thanks to press studs and extra-resistant leather handles, the travel mat is easy to fold and carry around.

This article is completely machine washable at low temperatures (30°C) with a specific wool detergent. Do not spin cycle nor tumble dry.

The leather handles become naturally darker and softer over the course of time.

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