Casa Feroz

Casa Feroz - Dusty Rose e[stock]

SFr. 200

The e[stock] family is a series of 3 wooden wall-mounted design objects for storing and hanging the accessories we use everyday on walks with our four-legged companions.

Both pragmatic and beautiful, they are made of lacquered wood and stained solid oak. Together these pieces make up Casa Feroz,a project in collaboration with Madrid-based architecture and design studio Noju.

We are very proud to be able to confirm that the line is designed in Spain and manufactured in Colombia by local artisans, respecting the environment and using top quality wood of certified Colombian origins.

The dimensions of the piece are: 12 cm tall, 19 cm wide, 8 cm deep (App. 4.5 in x 7.5 in x 3 in).

Each piece is carefully packaged in corrugated cardboard, tissue paper and a wooden box.

e[stock] is the first Casa Feroz collection, and with it they launched their philosophy of designing beautiful products for the pet-lover's home: objects characterized by their quality, style and practical function, giving our pets the prominence in our homes they deserve.

Casa Feroz products are designed to be combined with other objects to create personal compositions that are unique to each family. You'll never forget your pup's ball or doggy bags again!

Let your home get a little fierce!

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