Eden Food - Green Lip Mussel Extract (80g)

Eden Food - Green Lip Mussel Extract (80g)

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The power from the sea!

Eden Food’s green lip mussel extract comes from New Zealand and is a high quality product whose virtues have been shown through many clinical studies. The composition of the green lip mussel extract consists in high concentration of omega 3 fatty acids, effective glycosaminoglycans and natural amino acids such as taurine. Omega 3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory effects, glycosaminoglycans increase the water-binding capacity of the articular cartilage and amino acids are essential for metabolism. Therefore, Eden Food’s green lip mussel extract is recommended for joint discomfort and to prevent inflammation. In young dogs of larger breeds, as well as in very active dogs, the administration of green lip mussel extract may also be useful. For osteoarthritis or older dogs, green lip mussel extract is a popular daily dietary supplement. Veterinarian studies recommend the administration for the time being as a curial application, in case of osteoarthritis possibly as a permanent administration.

Compared to artificially produced preparations, the natural green lip mussel extract has a higher biological value. The sourcing of Eden Food’s supplements takes place with consideration for fair trade and respect for resources as well as environmental and animal welfare. 

Recommended feeding: Small dogs 0.5g daily, Larger dogs up to 1g daily.

Nutritional analysis
Protein 64.5%, raw fat 9.5%, raw ash 6.9%
100g green lip mussel extract contains: glycosaminoglycans 2.5%, omega 3 fatty acids 29.8%, omega 6 fatty acids 9.6%, taurine 2.4%
Green lip mussel extract

Bio-control number: DE-ÖKO-037