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Eden Food - Organic Autumn Menu

SFr. 6

Organic goat meat, fennel, millet & coconut oil

This autumnal menu consists of tender, lean goat muscle meat, digestible, fresh fennel and nutritious millet. Balanced and refined with organic fair-trade coconut oil, it is the perfect meal for the golden season: tasty, nutritious and digestible. Also suitable for allergy sufferers.

High-quality ingredients from organic farms from the surrounding area and ecological production are the most important criteria for nutritious and balanced Eden Food menus. Of course, this also applies to all of their seasonal menus.

Organic goat meat is extremely high-quality and low in cholesterol. The high-quality protein is very easy to digest and is therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers and dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Partner organic farms keep goats in running stables with care: dedicated sunbathing areas, a separate feeding place for each animal with sufficient space and pasture run. From May to October, the young goats live in the mountains. There are plenty of shelters and fresh spring water. Green grass allover, the most natural form of feed that can be provided to the animals. Oats and barley are also fed all year round. In winter, the feed range is supplemented by grass silage, spruce branches and carrots.

Nutritional analysis
Crude protein 12.5%, crude fat 9.6%, crude ash 1.7%, crude fiber 3.7%, humidity 69.3%, calcium 0.19%, phosphorus 0.15%

100g: 170kcal

50% organic goat muscle meat, of which 2.5% organic goat liver, 27% organic fennel, 20% organic millet, organic coconut oil, organic linseed oil, brewer's yeast, organic rose hip powder, organic egg shell powder, seaweed flour
GMO free
Bio-control number: DE-ÖKO-037

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