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Eden Food - Organic Chicken Broth (370g)

SFr. 5

Eden Food’s organic chicken broth is a real treat. Whether just for in-between as a liquid supply, as an appetizing complement, whether for convalescence or for mixing, with meat and vegetables - dogs love the intense scent of the chicken bone broth.

This organic chicken broth has been cooked for hours and is a real treat for dogs. This homemade organic chicken power broth is boiled from bones and meat of organic chicken. Due to the long cooking time, the valuable minerals are detached from the bones. This strong broth is not cooked using any vegetables, flavor enhancers or salts and is therefore natural. The broth can for example be poured over the finished food if a dog drinks too little, to increase the fluid intake.

All the products of the Bio Eden Food Healthline were developed with veterinarians and are prepared in Eden Food’s own facilities in the Bavarian Oberland, using 100% organic raw materials of the highest quality.

Nutritional analysis

Crude protein 1.2%, crude fat < 0.5%, crude fiber < 0.5%, crude ash < 0.3%, humidity 98.6%, calcium < 0.05%, phosphorus < 0.05, sodium < 0.05%, potassium < 0.05%, chloride 43mg/370ml

100g: < 1 kcal


100% organic chicken broth

GMO free
Bio-control number: DE-ÖKO-037

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