Eden Food

Eden Food - Organic Mini Macarons - Goat Cheese (100g)

SFr. 8

Organic Goat Cheese, Amaranth Flour & Red Sea Algae Small – so tasty!

These small, gluten-free mini macarons are a real treat for small dogs. They are gently baked from only 3 balanced ingredients: organic goat cheese, organic amaranth flour, and red seaweed. With the calcium they contain, these biscuits are excellent for puppies. These treats are free of colouring, preservatives and flavourings, they are gluten free.

Nutritional analysis

Crude protein 26.1%, crude fat 26.2%, crude ash 5.1%, crude fiber 1.9%, humidity 6.5%, calcium 1.04%, phosphorus 0.78%, Ph-value 5.7.

100 g: 537 kcal


Organic goat cheese, organic amaranth flour, red seaweed

GMO free
Bio-control number: DE-ÖKO-037

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