Eden Food

Eden Food – Organic Puppy Menu – Goat

SFr. 10

Organic goat muscle meat, organic spinach, organic millet, organic sweet potato, organic goat fresh cheese

Organic goat meat is freshly prepared with spinach, millet, sweet potatoes, and fresh goat cheese in organic quality and cold filled into the glass. Cold filling ensures that all nutrients and vitamins are preserved as far as possible for your dog to get a balanced and healthy meal.

Tolerable and tasty menus that are tailored to the nutrient requirements of the growing dog now round off our organic product range. High-quality raw materials from regional, organic agriculture in organic food quality are combined in-house for the best puppy menus!

Nutritional analysis

Crude protein 15.7%, crude fat 17.6%, crude fiber 1.0%, crude ash 1.7%, humidity 56.8%, calcium: 0.30%, phosphorus: 0.17%

100g: 222 kcal


Organic goat muscle meat, organic goat liver, all in all 65%, Organic Spinach, Organic Millet, Organic Sweet Potato, Organic Fresh Goat Cheese, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Gold Linseed Seed, Seaweed Flour, Brewer's Yeast, Organic Rosehip Powder, Organic Eggshell Powder.

GMO free
Bio-control number: DE-ÖKO-037

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