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Eden Food - Organic Spring Menu

SFr. 6

Organic chicken meat from free-range chickens, millet, spinach & egg yolks

This complete seasonal menu is made of the finest organic chicken, millet, spinach and egg yolk (rich in vitamin D, vitamin B12 and linoleic acid). Eden Food menus are rich in nutrients, tasty and very digestible. They contains only ingredients from the region of production in Germany, which are balanced and processed by hand.

Poultry is generally very well tolerated and also suitable for dogs with stomach and intestinal problems. It is easily digestible and is therefore suitable as a gentle food and diet food as well as a normal complete food.

High-quality ingredients from organic farms from the surrounding area and ecological production are the most important criteria for nutritious and balanced Eden Food menus. Of course, this also applies to all of their seasonal menus.

The organic chicken comes exclusively from free-range chickens that grow up and are fed according to the strict organic requirements. The chickens are fed with their own grain, which is processed on the farm in their own feed mill, in addition only peas and beans. The animals have large run-out areas, which are planted with poplars and shrubs and offer shelters. To avoid spring picking, the enclosures are equipped with dust baths made of rock flour and sand, as well as with sufficient straw. In order to keep the chickens busy as much as possible, silage is also fed in winter.

Nutritional analysis
Crude protein 10.5%, crude fat 8.9%, crude ash 1.5%, crude fiber 0.7%, humidity 67%, calcium 0.23%, phosphorus 0.18%

100g: 190kcal

Organic chicken leg meat 37.5%, organic chicken heart 6.25%, organic chicken stomach seam 6.25%, organic chicken liver 1.25% organic millet 25%, organic spinach 15%, organic chicken egg yolk 5%, organic rapeseed oil 2.5%, brewer's yeast, organic chicken powder, organic egg shell powder, seaweed flour.

GMO free
Bio-control number: DE-ÖKO-037

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