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Eden Food - Organic Trout Fillet (Limited edition - 370g)

SFr. 11

Organic trout fillet with carrot, zucchini and natural rice

This limited edition organic trout fillet menu is prepared with fresh organic carrots and organic zucchinis as well as digestible organic natural rice. Balanced with organic fair trade red palm oil, this menu is a special highlight in Eden Food product range.

Organic trout is a healthy, tolerable, high-quality protein-rich product that is often used as an alternative to meat. Fish is easily digestible and therefore suitable as both a gentle food and diet food.

The organic trout fillets used come exclusively from Germany and therefore are naturally limited.

The fish are reared and fed according to strict organic requirements. The stocking density of organic trout is more than half that of conventional breeding. This means that the organic trout can move much better, so that muscle tissue can be trained, in contrast to conventional breeding. The weight gain is slower, resulting in a particularly high-quality meat quality.

Excellent ingredients from nature and from organic farms from the region, as well as ecological production are the most important criteria for the preparation of Eden Food’s nutritious and balanced Eden Food menus. These principles of course apply to this limited edition organic trout fillet menu.

Nutritional analysis
Crude protein 9.7%, crude fat 5.7%, crude fiber <0.5%, crude ash 1.4%, humidity 74.8%, calcium 0.21%, phosphorus 0.16%
100 g: 90kcal


50% organic trout fillet, 19.5% organic natural rice, 13% organic carrots, 12.75% organic zucchini, organic palm oil red (fair-trade), brewer's yeast, organic rose hip powder, spirulina, organic egg shell powder, sea weed red, seaweed flour


GMO free
Bio-control number: DE-ÖKO-037

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