Eden Food

Eden Food - Organic Vegetarian Menu

SFr. 6

Potato, Peas, Pumpkin, Egg, Cheese, Cottage Cheese & Flaxseeds

The "alternative"! These delicious organic vegetables, egg and cheese menus are freshly prepared! Cold filled into their glass, all nutrients and vitamins are preserved as much as possible and ensure that your dog gets a balanced and healthy.

We are proud to introduce this our vegetarian menu! The Eden Food’s team created a full-fledged dish in the best organic quality with a high nutrient density and high-quality protein sources.

Also suitable for mixing with raw or cooked meat or fish!

Nutritional analysis

Crude protein 7.3%, crude fat 11.3%, crude ash 1.5%, crude fiber 1.3%, humidity 67.5%, calcium 0.14%, phosphorus 0.11%

100g: 199 kcal


Organic peas 21%, organic potatoes 20%, organic pumpkin 14%, organic egg 14%, organic cream cheese 12%, organic cottage cheese 12%, organic linseed oil, organic linseed, brewer's yeast, organic rose hip powder, organic egg shell powder, seaweed flour

GMO free
Bio-control number: DE-ÖKO-037

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