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Eden Food - Organic Winter Menu

SFr. 6

Organic Beef Muscle Meat, Pumpkin, Potatoes & Chestnuts

Eden Food’s winter menu consists of the finest organic beef, nutty Hokkaido pumpkin and freshly harvested potatoes. Balanced and refined with chestnuts and shredded pumpkin seeds, it is the perfect power menu for the cold season: rich in calories and nutrients, tasty and very digestible.

High-quality ingredients from organic farms from the surrounding area and ecological production are the most important criteria for nutritious and balanced Eden Food menus. Of course, this also applies to all of their seasonal menus.

Organic beef is a powerful and healthy ingredient, its strong taste is popular with any dog. It is sourced from an organic cattle farm where grazing is an absolute priority. With a grazing area of 60 hectares, cattle have significantly more outlet than in conventional farming. The meat is therefore much leaner. In summer, grazing feed is the main source of food while in winter grass and hay silage, are provided (maize silage would negatively affect the quality of the meat). In the organic farm, only organic feed is provided, which has to be grown in the farm.

Nutritional analysis
Crude protein 11.7%, crude fat 7%, crude ash 1.3%, crude fibre 0.9%, humidity 71.9%, calcium 0.22%, phosphorus 0.17%
100g: 163kcal

Organic beef muscle meat, organic beef heart 51%, organic beef liver 1%, organic pumpkin 23%, organic potatoes 19%, organic rapeseed oil 2.5%, organic chestnuts, scraped organic pumpkin seeds, brewer's yeast, organic rose hip powder, organic egg shell powder, seaweed flour.


GMO free
Bio-control number: DE-ÖKO-037

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