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Eden Food - Red Sea Weed (170g)

SFr. 8

The calcium supplier!

The special thing about the red sea algae is of course its high content of calcium.

Attention: Red seaweed flour is suitable for feeding self-assembled rations.  Eden Food ready-made complete food does not require additives!

Compared to artificially produced preparations, the natural red sea weed has a higher biological value. It contains important minerals, trace elements and amino acids. The sourcing of Eden Food’s supplements takes place with consideration for fair trade and respect for resources as well as environmental and animal welfare.

Nutritional analysis
100 g red sea weed contains: iron 593.5mg, copper 0.83mg, manganese 10.4mg, zinc 0.81mg, calcium 29.3%, phosphorus 0.05%

Red sea weed

GMO free
Bio-control number: DE-ÖKO-037

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