Le Creuset

Le Creuset - Stoneware Dog Bowl

SFr. 40

The Le Creuset stoneware dog bowls range are original designs and have been hand-crafted, making each piece unique. Due to this uniqueness, there may be slight variations from piece to piece. The enameled surface is easy to clean and scratch-resistant. The enamel is also completely hygienic and will not absorb odours or flavours. Not only it's extremely strong and durable, it also resists staining, chipping and cracking. The wide base prevents tipping and the bowl fits nicely in a modern home. It's also a good alternative to plastic, which makes it a good eco-friendly choice.


  • Original designs and hand-crafted, making each piece unique
  • High-quality exterior enamel protects against metal marks and other damage
  • Less than 1% porosity, blocking moisture absorption which can lead to cracking, crazing and rippling along the interior
  • Hygienic, resistant to staining and flavour/odour absorption
  • Easy to clean and scratch-resistant
  • A virtually nonstick glazed interior that easily releases foods for quick cleanup
  • A perfectly colour-matched palette of bold, consistent tones perfect for a modern home
  • Eco-friendly alternative to plastic bowls

The Small bowl measures app. 14 x 5 cm with a capacity of 230 ml

The Medium bowl measures app. 18 x 6.7 cm, with a capacity of app. 450 ml

The Large bowl bowl measures app. 23 x 8.4 cm, with a capacity of app. 850 ml


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